November 19 Substitute Plans

Greetings, thanks for helping support my class. You may share any information on this page with students.


P2 – 7:25 – 8:50  Algebra 1

P4 – 8:55 – 10:25  Calculus

P6 & Lunch 10:30 – 12:20 – Planning & Lunch

P8 – 12:25 – 1:55    Algebra 1

Algebra 1 – (periods 2 & 8)

This class will be taking a quiz today on solving equations. This will be an open note test, but may not share notes with their partners. I have told students that there is a quiz on Wednesday, as incentive, if they perform well and finish the quiz today, I will cancel the quiz on Wednesday. At the end of the day (in your sub notes), please advise if you believe they have earned this reward…I trust your judgement.

  • Learning Target: Students will be able to communicate their understanding of solving one variable, multiple step equations and explain the reasoning of others who have solved this too!
  • Success Criteria: I can solve a multiple step equation and can explain the reasoning of a problem solved wrong.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Entry Task (and attendance/admin stuff)
  2. Review Entry Task
  3. Practice Problems for Quiz (Pre-Quiz Practice Problems)
  4. Quiz

Quiz Guidelines

  • Students may use all of their notes for this quiz.
  • There are several different versions, so concentrate on your own version.
  • Students may use a calculator (not their phone)
  • Eyes on your own paper.
  • No phones should be used on this assessment
  • If a student refuses to follow instructions, talks during the quiz or is not following standard quiz guidelines. Please allow them to finish their quiz and document the behaviors.


Calculus – (period 4)

This class is small with no seating chart. Most students choose wisely but some groups talk a lot. Please use this YouTube Video that I curated to guide through the class. It will let you know when to pause the video and give students time to work. You should start the video after you take attendance. Use the links in the video description to jump to specific problems.

Remind students they can always access this page of my website on if they want to view the video again! Please encourage them to email me if they have any questions.

Video Link:

Lesson Plan:

  1. Play video for entry task…allow students some time to work. Pause when it says pause.
  2. Resume video through the announcements and information about the quiz.
  3. Hand out worksheet…inform them of the update to the wording of question 4.
    1. “Compute the slope of the tangent line for the function at each point.”
  4. Write this on the board: “Problems 3, 4, 5, & 6 are similar to your quiz. These exercises are classwork and homework. Go to for video examples. Email if you have questions.”
  5. Allow students to work independently and with partners to complete these four problems.
    1. Please monitor for groups who are very off task…remind them that this is their opportunity to study for their quiz.

Embedded Video Below