November 29 Sub Plans

Greetings, thanks for helping support my class. You may share any information on this page with students.


P2 – 7:25 – 8:50  Algebra 1

P4 – 8:55 – 10:25  Calculus

P6 & Lunch 10:30 – 12:20 – Planning & Lunch

P8 – 12:25 – 1:55    Algebra 1

Algebra 1 – (periods 2 & 8)

  • Learning Target: Students will identify errors in others work and suggest solutions for solving those errors.
  • Success Criteria: I can solve equations in one variable enough to finish the maze. I can analyze my work for errors in my thinking and edit my mistakes.

Lesson Plan:

  1. Explain problem 1 of the Error Analysis worksheet (Unit 2 – Lesson 4 – Homework)
  2. Provide 15 minutes for students to start this activity.
  3. Return Quiz to Students (answer Key’s attached)
  4. Provide 10 minutes for completing quiz corrections
  5. Distribute “Solving Multi-Step Equations (homework)” Worksheet
    1. Students should continue until the end of class
    2. Ask them to show you the “balance” representation for each
    3. For students who are done early, there is extra practice (or you can reward with a break).

Calculus – (period 4)

This class is small with a new seating chart. This was shared last class…if they can’t remember, use your best judgement. Please use this YouTube Video that I curated to guide through the class. It will let you know when to pause the video and give students time to work. You should start the video after you take attendance.

I have provided you an answer key to help students through each of the problems…they should be able to get though Problem 12 by the end of class…otherwise it’s homework.

Video Link: 

Lesson Plan:

  1. Entry Task: Students should discuss problem #6 from Derivatives 3 POGIL (extras provided).
  2. Please play the video linked below and pause when needed. There is an outline for students.
  3. You will pass back their quiz from last week. I have given you the key…students can take a picture, but there are explanations in the video.
  4. If students have questions, encourage them to Email if they have questions.
  5. Homework is #1 – 12 in the POGIL activity.

Embedded Video Below: