November 9th Substitute Plans

Greetings, thanks for helping support my class. You may share any information on this page with students.


P2 – 7:25 – 8:40  Algebra 1

Advisory – 8:45 – 9:20

P4 – 9:25 – 10:45  Calculus

P6 & Lunch 10:45 – 12:35

P8 – 12:40 – 1:55    Algebra 1

Algebra 1

NOTICE: Unit 2 Mid Unit Quiz will take place Next Monday & Wednesday before Thanksgiving break.

Learning Target: I will learn to create multi-step equations in one variable.

Success Criteria: : I can create multi-step equations in one-variable.

LT: I will learn to solve multi-step equations.

SC: I can solve a multi-step equation.

SC: I can communicate the process of solving a multi-step equation.

A1 Class Materials

Lesson Plan:

  1. Introduce yourself and announce that there will be a quiz on this material on Monday and Wednesday of next week before Thanksgiving Break
  2. Start lesson by distributing Two-Step Equations worksheet to class.
  3. Tell students they should be taking notes during the video on the worksheet as Mr. Germanis goes through these with them.
    1. Video Linked Here and Below
    2. Pause the video after problem 10 (instructions in the video) to allow students work time for problems 11-16
    3. Then, play the video again to have them check their answers.
  4. When students are done with the video, have them finish both sides of the worksheet.
  5. When students are done (or if they finish early), Have them work on the homework for the class which is additional practice problems which require simplifying before they can solve.
    1. Video Linked Here and Below

A1 Video Links



SLC Student Feedback

CCE Link (Students can use device to complete the survey or hard copies available) The QR Code links to the website.




This class is small with no seating chart. Most students choose wisely but some groups talk a lot. Please use this YouTube Video that I curated to guide through the class. It will let you know when to pause the video and give students time to work. You should start the video after you take attendance.

When appropriate, please pass out the class packets called “POGIL – Derivatives 2” students have used this worksheet before. There is a large binder at the front of the room under the table with the answers in there. It is identical to the students packet. It has lots of purple writing and can help guide you through the lesson if you want.

Finally, there is a segment at the end of the video AFTER students have had a lot of work time. Please play the last part of the video during the last 15 minutes of class. Students need to have attempted the problems before they see the last part of the video.

remind students they can always access this page of my website on if they want to view the video again! Please encourage them to email me if they have any questions.