Sub. Plans – January 23


There are only a few tasks for today, mostly getting kiddos setup on computers or to the Library.

Algebra 1 (Period 2 and 8)

Students will be finishing up their iReady assessment, I have organized with the testing coordinator to have students finish class on laptops. Corrine Behme, the testing coordinator, will come over first thing in the morning to bring the computers and will help you get students logged in. She will come at the end of the period to help you coordinate putting away the computers (to avoid theft).

If needed, Corrine can reset students passwords. Somethings you and students should know:

  • Students should work to finish the assessment TODAY.
  • Scores will NOT hurt their grade, but if they do well enough, it can improve their class grade.
  • Students may only use a calculator provided within the testing program
  • Scratch paper is strongly encouraged, Mr. Germanis couldn’t do the problems without scratch paper, so students should use it too!

When students are done with their assessment, they need to begin working on their Practice Final (pink paper). They will have an assessment on Friday, they will be able to use this practice test on their final exam.

Calculus (Period 4)

This class is working on a project, you will need to get computers from the librarian, I have them reserved for this period. You may send a student to get computers if needed, but all students should stay in the class, they are very responsible kids. If students ask, all information is on the website, please send them to the Calculus project website for more information: If students have a more demanding question, they are encouraged to email me, I will be checking email throughout the day since I’m at a District training.

Today is a work day for them, they may use any textbook around the room and are encouraged to use the internet to do their research for the questions. Remind students that the due date is Friday, Jan 25th @2:10 via email or paper copy.

Students may use any resources in the blue closet at the front of the room (such as printer paper, colored paper, glue, colored pencils, etc.)