Substitute Plans – January 17

Period 1 & 5 (Algebra 2)

  • Students finish homework
  • Show Video (linked here and embedded below)
  • Quiz (approx. 30 min)
    • students may use notes, a calculator and a rule
    • Students may listen to music while working (respectfully)
    • Cell Phones¬†MUST be away (please document those not following this rule)

These classes have great students, they will list and be respectful.

Period 7 (Calculus)

  • Tell students to save the exponent POGIL packet given last class, we will work on it when Mr. Germanis returns.
  • Read (or have student read) the “Project Instructions” PowerPoint
  • Students may use the internet, textbooks or classwork to begin their project.
  • A Link to the project page is here¬†
    • Distribute the dark orange project description.
    • Encourage students to read the bottom of the paper first.
  • If students have questions, please have them email Mr. Germanis at


Algebra 2 Video