Sub. Plans Feb 20th


Here is an outline of the tasks that need to be completed during today’s lesson.

Algebra 1 (Period 1 & 5)

Students are learning about the characteristics around what exponential graphs look like…this will require students to use Desmos to access the learning.

  • ENTRY TASK: Have students begin working on answering question 5-34 from their workbook.
  • Answer any questions they have about the homework (recommend going over one of the exponent rule problems)
    • 5-9
    • 5-10
    • 5-12
    • 5-13
    • 5-24
  • QUIZ (exit ticket) on Exponential Function Rule (provide about 10-15 minutes). Students may use a notecard but closed notes.

When done with the QUIZ (Exit Ticket):

  • Have students get into partner groups, they will be doing the computer investigation in partners. Have them select two “group roles” from the handout that they will be responsible for performing in their group.
  • READ (or have a student read) problem 7-1 out loud to the whole class.
  • Have students go to this website
  • Students should complete problems 7-2, 7-3 and 7-4 by the end of class.
    • Go over problems with individual students as needed, but they should read the directions first! This is a language intensive textbook, they need to carefully reread the problem before moving on.
  • Homework problems:
    • 7-10
    • 7-12
    • 7-13
    • 7-14 (key homework problem)
    • 7-16

When I return, I will also recheck understanding of the core problems in this lesson.

Calculus (Period 7)

Students in this class will be taking a Scantron test of the derivative rules. Please leave about 20 minutes at the end of class to allow them time to finish. If they do not finish by the end of class, their scores will be entered as is and they can retake the assessment next week if they are unhappy with their scores. They may write in this workbook.

Entry Task: POGIL #28

  • Please review the answers to these chain rule problems.

Whiteboard Task:

  • Teacher posts problem on board
  • Students do problem on whiteboard and hold it up when done.
  • Give them a simple “yes” or “not yet” when they show you and have them revise if needed.
    • If a significant number of students got the answer wrong, I usually do the work on the board and show them.
  • Move on to the next problem.
  • The questions change, so be cautious!

Derivatives Skills Test:

  • Students may use their derivatives cheat sheet but no other notes
  • Students may use a calculator
  • STUDENTS MUST USE A #2 PENCIL and color in the numbers darkly.
  • They MAY write in the packet to do the work, but the only answers that will count are on the Scantron form.
  • Please check that the answers are dark enough when they turn them in.
  • Scoring for PS 4:
    • (1)   0% – 50%
    • (2)   51% – 79%
    • (3)   80% – 90%
    • (4)   90% – 100%