Sub Plans Feb. 26


Here is an outline of the tasks that need to be completed during today’s lesson. I am at a training in the building so students may see me. I will be in the Library.

Algebra 2 (Period 1 & 5)

1. Homework Review:

Play this video

Students were provided class time and homework for the following problems: 7-10, 7-12, 7-13, 7-14 and 7-16

2. Instructions for New Learning:

Play this video

Students will work on classwork (7-20, 7-21 and 7-22) and be assigned the following homework problems (7-24, 7-25, 7-28).

3. Answers to Classwork (for students to view):

Video Here


Have students complete the survey

Calculus (Period 7)

  1. Play the implicit differentiation video.
  2. Have students take notes on the video as needed.
  3. Provide work time for them to complete the Implicit Differentiation POGIL.
  • Problem #12 – 18 a,b,c (not d & e)