March 5th Sub Plans

Thanks for helping today. I am out today because of a doctors appointment. Feel free to share with students if they ask.

Period 2 – Algebra 1

  1. Students have workbooks (additional books are in the blue box, on the table by the door). Have them spend about 10 minutes warming up for their quiz today by completing the problems on pg. 38 & 39.
    1. Focus on starting point  and rate of change.
    2. Calculate the slope from the ordered pairs and identify the starting point based on the pattern.
    3. Go over these in class. March 5 Classwork Answer Key (CLICK HERE)
  2. Quiz is on F.IF.6 standard and addresses starting point, slope and linear relationships from data. We have studied many days in class on this. Quiz should take about 15 – 20 minutes. Please be sure to provide adequate time and monitor as students take the assessment.
  3. If students finish early, please assign homework problems pg. 45 & 46 in their student workbook.
    1. Remind them of the instructions.
    2. These pages are homework for all students.


Please talk with Michelle Pierce in the main office for Advisory lesson plans.

Period 4 – Calculus

March 5 Calculus PPTX

Play the video below and follow the directions in the video. Ryan is a student who has been asked to help support the pacing of this lesson since there will be MANY STOPS AND STARTS. Please support the pacing that is natural for students who are consistently working. Students WILL get stuck, but they need to struggle before they watch the video…they’ll have greater buy in. There are obvious places to PAUSE the video.

Period 6 – Planning (2nd Lunch)

Please talk with Michelle Pierce in the main office if there are any additional needs.

Period 8 – Algebra 1 – See notes above for lesson plans.