Equitable and Inclusive Environment Procamation

Students and Parents/Guardians,

As our second semester begins, I want to start fresh by welcoming all students to feel safe at school. I am committed to a safe, secure classroom that encourages equity, hard work and safety. On Nov. 22, 2016, the Federal Way School Board affirms their commitment to providing an equitable and inclusive environment for student scholars to learn.

Many thanks,
Riley Germanis




Federal Way Public Schools
Equitable and Inclusive Environment Proclamation

A RESOLUTION of the Board of Directors of the Federal Way School District No. 210, King County, Washington, supporting Federal Way Public Schools in providing an equitable and inclusive environment for all scholars.

WHEREAS we are committed to providing and maintaining safe and healthy environments conducive to learning, where all of our scholars thrive, regardless of their background, language, race, sexual orientation, status or other exceptionalities. We are steadfast in our efforts to eliminate all forms of discrimination, institutional racism, and all “isms’ that diminish and undermine equitable outcomes for our scholars. Evidence of our commitment can be seen in our ENDS policy and our unequivocal support of our strategic plan that has equity woven throughout the goals and strategies.

WHEREAS the Federal Way Public Schools’ Board of Directors recognizes that encouraging, inclusive and respectful environments help scholars achieve their highest potential. To guarantee our scholars’ access, opportunity, success, and achievement, we must ensure that scholars know they are safe, nurtured, welcomed, respected and included.

WHEREAS the Federal Way Public Schools’ Board of Directors is committed to an equitable education system that upholds and reflects the principles of fair and inclusive education, which should permeate all levels of the organization all the way to the classroom level.

WHEREAS equity and social justice are cornerstone values that we hold as a Board. We are wholly committed to the enhancement and continuous improvement of learning environments that communicate the acceptance, worth, and importance of each scholar. Evidence of our commitment is our ongoing work as a board to deepen our learning in the area of social justice and equity.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Board of Directors of the Federal Way School District No. 210 proclaim our school district will unite against hate and discrimination, and ask local officials, community based organizations, and the citizens of Federal Way to join us in this stance while partnering with us to build a system that believes and ensures each scholar has a voice, a dream, and a bright future.

APPROVED by the Board of Directors of Federal Way Public Schools, No. 210, King County, Washington, in a regular meeting thereof held on the 22nd day of November 2016.