Algebra 2 – End of Unit Update

The following table outlines the tentative plans for the end of semester 1 in Algebra 2. Please notice a date change for the final exam to be one class period later than previously scheduled. This is to provide sufficient time for students to prepare for their final exam.

I will host an after school study session for the final on Friday, January 20th and Monday, January 23rd. Please plan to attend these sessions if you’d like more preparation time for your final exam.

Day # Date(s) Standards Addressed Topics
1 Jan. 3 & 4 All Standards

Review of semester 1 stuff

2 Jan. 5 & 6 A.REI.4

Solving equations using Quadratic Formula

3 Jan. 9 & 10 A.REI.2 & A.REI.4

Solving Equations with Squares/Square Roots and Quadratic Formula

4 Jan. 11 & 12 A.REI.2 & A.REI.4

Practice with solving, deeper understanding and group project to increase overall understanding.

Mini-Quiz on A.REI.2 & A.REI.4

5 Jan. 13 & 17 A.REI.7c

Graphing higher order polynomials



6 Jan. 18 & 19 A.REI.7c

More practice with graphing higher order polynomials

7 Jan. 20 All Standards

Final Exam Review Day

8 Jan. 23 & 24  

Final Exam “Choose Your Own Adventure”


Jan. 25 & 26


Makeup of Final Exam

Final exams will be  “choose your own adventure” style. This means that all students will be required to complete 3 assessment questions and then the remainder of the test will be completed by students choosing the standards they want to improve upon. Students MUST retake a standards if their previous scores average 1 or 2.

Please contact Mr. Germanis with questions about the end of the semester if there are any questions.