Algebra 1 – Unit 4 – Linear Equations and Functions


Throughout this unit, students will be learning about functions that have linear relationships. This is one of the the most important concepts in Algebra 1 as a course. The following videos and resources will help you through this unit. It will require patience, attention and an effort to make connections to concepts that will support the learning in this class.

F.IF.A.1 – Function Relationships

This video explains (almost in its entirety) how relations can be represented through words, mappings, ordered pairs, tables and graphical representations. You will learn what it means to be a function and be able to explain why something does not show a functional relationship.

F.IF.6 & A.REI.10 – Slope and Intercept

This video discusses the relationship between slope, rate of change and starting point (just an introduction) between words, tables and graphs. This is a great starting place for students who are first learning or relearning about rates of change, slope and intercepts (starting point).

Supporting Resources:

Patterns in Tables – Exploration and Practice

Word Problems to Tables