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Federal Way Retake/Reassessment Policy

Assignments, assessments, projects, etc. are used to measure proficiency with each standard, using the following 4 point scale: 1 = beginning, 2 = approaching, 3 = meeting, 4 = excelling. Scores of 1 or 2 are not meeting standard and 3 and 4 are meeting standard.

A students current proficiency with each priority standard is used to determine the overall course grade, averaging the priority standard scores and applying the following cut scores:

Letter GradeRangeDescription
A3.5 – 4.0Excelling in most standards.
B3.0 – 3.49Meeting or excelling on most standards.
C2.3 – 2.99Meeting or excelling on some priority standards.
F0.0 – 2.29Approaching or beginning on a majority of standards.


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